Week 31 Update


Week 30 Update

  • A technical overview of the Events, Alerts, and Notifications is added to the portal.
  • The Editions guide has been updated to include the newly added APIs.

Week #28 Update

  • The PTZ API has been updated to fix a bug where the PTZ capability was always false due to an error.
  • A code for generating 10 motion event thumbnail images is now available in the Recipes section. The code operates as a command-line interface tool and saves the images locally. You can modify the code to adjust the number of images or the storage location.
  • The /metrics endpoint of the /bridge API now correctly works with API V3 access tokens.

Week #27 Update

  • /alerts API is added to the portal. This API allows a user to retrieve alert details.
  • MP4 URL playing option is added to the Live video streaming via ffplay CLI tool.
  • The /metrics endpoint of the /cameras API bug has been fixed. This endpoint now accepts API v3 access tokens.

Week #26 Update

  • Instead of a separate tab, the My Application page is embedded within the Video API Platform.
  • Bug fixed in /accounts endpoint for the GET resellers' end-users account list.
  • Bug fixed in the /authorizationTokens endpoint.

Week #25 Update

  • My ApplicationMy Application page is added to the portal. Via this page, you can manage (create, list, and remove) applications and receive corresponding client credentials. This page also provides you with an access token to simplify API testing directly via the "API Reference" tab.
  • /accounts endpoint is added to the accounts API. This endpoint retrieves the accounts that a user has access permission to.
  • /authorizationTokens API is added. This endpoint allows a reseller to retrieve access tokens for its associated end-user accounts. Reseller account Switching describes how it works.

Week #24 Update

  • The metric endpoint is added to the /cameras API. This endpoint allows retrieving helpful info about the cameras such as kilobytesOnDisk or bandwidthRealtime.
  • The metric endpoint is added to the /bridges API, This endpoint retrieves helpful information about the bridge status, such as bandwidth or availableKilobytesOnDisk
  • The /notifications API is added to the Events category. Currently, this API can retrieve notifications for system health (online/offline cameras). In the future, more functionality will be enabled on this API.

Week #23 Updates

  • LocalRtsp is added to the /feeds API. This steam allows receiving direct video from the bridges to increase the response time.
  • The Code Samples and the guides are also available on GitHub.
  • Minor modification on the guides and their embedded links.

Week #22 Updates

  • The Files API is added to the portal. This API allows the user to list, delete, move, or rename a file or folder in the archive storage. The files API also allows downloading an existing file from the archive storage Space.
  • This week also the /events API is updated. In this update, each event will have one or more DataSchemas associated with it. DataSchemas is additional information that can be requested with an event which enhances the event and gives more insights into the events.
  • This week /cameras API is updated too. The new update makes it possible to change the on/off status of a group of cameras in bulk.

Week #21 Updates

The Event Subscriptions API is added to the portal. Eagle Eye Networks' API V3 provides an /eventSubscriptions feature based on SSE (Server-Sent Events). In this API, SSE is used to receive events of different types once they occur.