6.13.2024 - File Upload

Files can now be uploaded to the archive storage. This can be accomplished by using the POST method added to the /files endpoint. In the request body, you'll need to include the name of the file with the file extension included. Optionally, you can include the directory parameter to specify the folder where the file will be uploaded or the mimeType parameter to explicitly specify the file type.


5.9.2024 - Video Search

You can now use natural language to search through your collection of retained video footage using only the API. Locate objects, vehicles, or individuals simply by describing their appearance.


Week 49 Update


Week 43 Update

  • Audio Push HTTP possibility is added to the /feeds API. This feature allows sending audio via a mic to a speaker associated with a camera.
  • A guide for Audio Push via HTTP is added to the guide section.

Week 41 Update

  • A video guide demonstrating the steps for creating a new application and client credentials has been added to the Client Credentials guide.

Week 40 Update

The SSO API has been updated. Rather than creating an SSO setting for each account, each account would have an SSO setting that can be updated.


Week 39 Update

  • A Client Credentials guide has been added to the guide section on creating an application and client credential.
  • /cameras API is updated. In this version directToCloud attribute is added to the deviceInfo details.

Week 38 Update

  • Open ID connect SSO API is added to the portal.
  • An updated version of the bridge settings API is added. Bandwidth details are added to this version.

Week 35 Update


Week 34 Update

  • The Landing Page has been updated. The new Landing Page provides direct access to useful articles.
  • The Use Cases section has been added to the portal. This section explains what the Eagle Eye API can do for different scenarios and provides best practices.
  • The swap bridge endpoint is added to the bridges API.